EPA Allocates $250 Million Funding For 265 Contaminated Sites

The EPA has distributed over $250 million to communities around the country to support cleanup efforts for environmentally contaminated sites. 

The funds are predominantly allocated to communities designated as disadvantaged areas, with 85% of them being historically underserved when it comes to federal grants. 

A lot of the projects involve abandoned buildings that cannot be repurposed for other commercial or community use because of significant pollution. This includes sites with asbestos and other chemicals, where many disadvantaged communities simply don’t have the funds to rectify the issues. 

A Reuters report had some details about one such project. 

"We have a truly historic opportunity ahead of us to finally confront the challenges that have held back many vulnerable communities across this country from reaching their full potential," said Janet McCabe, Deputy EPA Administrator.

This means that it’s not just a simple cleanup operation but also an opportunity to transform unusable areas into productive and green new sites. 

With over 250 communities receiving this support, there is a huge opportunity to show what the economic impact in these areas can be.

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