Samsung Implements Sustainable Production Process

Samsung, one of the largest electronics companies in the world has announced a significant shift to transform all of its manufacturing sites and reduce the overall environmental footprint of the entire product portfolio. 

Samsung calls this vision Together for Tomorrow, and one of the first steps has been to reduce the resource intensity of production. This means using increasing amounts of recycled materials, including plastic and metals, in the whole product range. 

The Environmental Leader had a report that highlighted some of the big changes coming. 

“To improve both resource and energy efficiency, Samsung is using a SoC (System on Chip) solution that, when applied to the monitors and signage, allows content to be displayed without any additional devices, saving both waste and energy.”

There’s also a significant shift in product lifespan, meaning that devices will last longer and reduce the time until resources end up in the cycle economy again. 

As a result, Samsung has received further EnergyStar certifications that show how much progress major manufacturers can make. 

Hopefully, this will serve as a blueprint for other companies to follow suit. 

Chris is one of GreenCitizen’s writers who has been a long-time advocate of individual responsibility when it comes to the environment. He shares GreenCitizen's passion for making the world a better place every day of the year.

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