Electronic Recycling in the San Francisco Bay Area

Socially Responsible Mission

To develop a sustainable metropolitan model that provides individuals and businesses with a convenient and accountable way to recycle electronics in the San Francisco Bay Area.

GreenCitizen provides pickup services for businesses, and a convenient drop off location for consumers at its Burlingame Education EcoCenter.

GreenCitizen is 100% self-sustaining, without government funding or donations. Revenues generated by 10% of the newer recycled computers and electronics covers the company’s operational expenses, and the proper disposal of older electronics. Since inception, GreenCitizen saved over 20 million pounds of electronics from local landfills and global dumps. It has extended the life of over 210,000 reusable computers and electronics, as well as servicing over 200,000 consumers and 20,000 businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Although electronic waste only accounts for 2% of America’s trash, it’s responsible for over 70% of the nation’s hazardous waste. The EPA estimates that 4 out of 5 units sent to electronic recyclers are shipped to unregulated electronic waste dumps in developing countries.

All recycling items are refurbished and resold, or dismantled responsibly. The separate components are recycled locally with E-Steward or R2 certified vendors all within 150 miles of the Bay area. Recycling locally not only reduces transportation costs, but also prevents us from harming the environment by shipping hazardous waste overseas.