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Green Electronics Recycling

Since April 22, 2005

404,095 Consumer Drop-off Customers Served
61,685 Business Pickup Customers Served
29,455,948 Pounds of Electronics Recycled
282,917 Units Responsibly Reused

Business Recycling Pickup »
Schedule a hassle-free business electronics recycling or Styrofoam recycling pickup to clear up your facility’s office space, IT Closet/Room, or datacenter.
Building Wide Pickup »
Book a building-wide recycling event for your tenants, all they need to do is to sign up and wait for our crew to collect the items
Drop Off Recycling »
Contactless drop off recycling process that provides the community an easy way to recycle electronics and Styrofoam.
Styrofoam Recycling »
GreenCitizen is providing a Styrofoam recycling service to repurpose and reuse this plastic. We recycle Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam #6 and Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE/PELD) Foam #4.
Solar Panel Drop Off Recycling »
Business or residential solar panel drop off service that helps properly collect and recycle the panels that can divert the waste from landfills.
Hard Drive Data Destruction »
Data destruction service follows national standards for erasure (DOD 5220.22-M) and sanitization (NIST SP 800-88) that will permanently destroy the data on your device.
Product Destruction »
Specifically designed for physically destroying your Prototypes or proprietary equipment in which the components will be properly separated, destructed, and recycled downstream.
IT Asset Disposition »
Partner with us to resell your unwanted IT assets to give them a second life, extending their lifespan and lowering their environmental impact. We will provide an asset report, data destruction certificate, and share a portion of the net profit with your company.
Mail-In Electronics Recycling »
Convenient nation-wide electronics recycling service that allows residents, businesses, and organizations to mail in their working or non-working electronics to GreenCitizen’s facility for proper end of life processing.
  • Awesome find and great customer service. Dropping off a large TV and 1980s electronics was incredibly easy and the person that helped me unload was very courteous and helpful. VHS players were charged by pound, TVs and miscellaneous cords were...
    —Christine P. – Daily City, CA
  • I have completed two e-waste recycles with GreenCitizen now and I have nothing but praise for their whole operation. From the easy to use website with explanations of what can be recycled free of charge to the awesome rep who...
    —Thor G. – San Francisco, CA
  • These guys are great! They come to the building I work in a handful of times a year to collect eCycled items from all the tenants. I’ve also contacted them separately for an additional pick up with a quick and...
    —Ederlyn L. – Alameda, CA