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Offshore Wind Farms Get The Green Light From The White House

The White House has announced a major investment in offshore wind energy to power 10 million homes.
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Tesla Powerwall Review (2021): Should You Buy It?

The release of the first Tesla Powerwall 6 years ago shook the world of solar batteries. Are the latest two versions worthy of your...
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UK Vows to Decarbonize Its Electricity by 2035

UK’s PM Boris Johnson says the country will go 100% renewable by 2035. The plan is to reduce emissions and the UK’s dependency on...
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Big Boost For Community Level Solar Projects

The Department of Energy has announced large-scale projects to support community solar power projects and deliver electricity to 5 million homes around the U.S....
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Buying vs. Leasing Solar Panels: Which Path Should You Take?

Going solar can offset your home's environmental footprint. But which option lets you keep more cash in your pocket — buying or leasing...
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Solar Panel Cells Receive Nanotechnology Makeover

Scientists are developing solar panel cells using nanomaterials that can make the panels thinner and more efficient.
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Dominion Energy Files for Approval of New Solar Projects

Dominion Energy files for approval of solar energy projects that could provide electricity for 250,000 homes in Virginia.
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Farmers Getting Double Benefit with Solar Panels in Fields

German farmers are using translucent solar panel roofs above their farms and doubled their incomes. The new farming strategy boosts green energy production.
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Solar Panels Will be Required on Buildings in California from 2023

California Energy Commission announces it’ll be obligatory for buildings in California to have solar panels and battery storage from January 1, 2023.
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New Figures Show Leading Solar Energy States

The latest figures for installed solar panels through the U.S. states are out. While there are some expected names, some states might surprise you.
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