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New Figures Show Leading Solar Energy States

The latest figures for installed solar panels through the U.S. states are out. While there are some expected names, some states might surprise you.
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East England Farmers Now Grow Energy Instead of Crops

East England farmers are utilizing the lands for solar energy harvesting instead of crops. The farms are now producing 840 megawatts of clean energy....
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Can Southern Africa’s Interior Become a Prime Spot for Solar Energy?

Geographical and climate conditions make Southern Africa a great option to establish large-scale solar power plants and boost the economy of this sub-continent.
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New Solar and Wind Projects Will Be Cheaper Than Coal Plants

IRENA Director-General confirms that new solar and wind projects will generate cheaper electricity than the world’s cheapest new coal plants.
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7 Best Solar Generators For RV: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Solar generators for RV are great to break up with bulky and toxic gas generators. But with the competition so fierce, which one should...
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Renewable Energy Could Create 10 Million Jobs, Study Suggests

An EY-Parthenon study suggests that with about $2 trillion investment, 13,000 renewable energy projects will become a reality, creating 10 million new jobs.
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Smart App Promises To Speed Up Solar Panel Application

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has developed SolarAPP+ mobile application that will boost solar panel application process.
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Compressed Air Energy Storage Battery Aims To Change How Energy Is Stored and Used

Grid stabilizing batteries are using compressed air in energy overflow facilities that have efficiency levels of about 40 - 50%, but a new system...
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Revolutionary New Wind Energy Technology

A revolutionary new concept and technology has introduced the bladeless wind turbine that can make renewable energy more viable to all.
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EGO Power Station Review: What You Need To Know Before You Buy (2021)

Built like a Terminator and boasting four swappable batteries, the EGO Nexus portable power station is pushing the limits. But can you trust it...
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