Here’s our list of the 10 best solar Christmas decorations with a comprehensive buying guide. Let’s have a festive and eco-friendly Christmas this year!

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us again — Christmas is coming!

The most joyous holiday of the year is an opportunity to spend time with family and make your home look festive. You can even put Christmas decorations together to get in the holiday spirit.

But, the more lights you hang, the higher your electricity bill will be. Christmas lights waste energy, disrupt ecosystems of nocturnal wildlife and wash out the stars in the sky.

Instead, consider using solar Christmas decorations. LED lights use up to 80% solar energy. By using solar decorations, you’ll have a lower electricity bill and can enjoy the holiday guilt-free. 

Here’s a selection of my favorite solar Christmas decorations.

My Top 3 Picks for Best Solar Christmas Decorations in 2021

Lusoy Solar Christmas Decorations

LOSUY Christmas Solar Candy Cane Pathway Markers Lights

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Attractive Christmas design
  • Large size makes candy canes stand out
  • Five light modes
ILOVERD Solar Christmas Decorations

ILOVERD Garden Solar Light Snowman, Santa Claus, Reindeer Yard Stakes

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

  • Made from stainless steel metal
  • Hand-painted
  • Two-pronged base keeps the lights stable
MAGGIFT Solar Christmas Decorations

MAGGIFT Solar Hanging Ball Lights with Umbrella Clips

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

  • Can be placed individually
  • Have a clip for easy installation
  • Crackled glass gives an elegant  design

10 Solar Christmas Decorations to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

1. LOSUY Christmas Solar Candy Cane Pathway Markers Lights

Candy canes are some of the most iconic Christmas decorations. Now you can have them decorating your home too.

I struggled to find a candy cane that’s the perfect size for my home for a long time. Most of them are too small. That’s why I was ecstatic once these 22-inch candy cane solar lights arrived. They can be used indoors and outdoors. You can light up your driveway, walkway, lawn, yard, sidewalk — the opportunities are endless.

You’ll get a set of 10 lighting stakes and 5 Christmas Bell Charms in one package. These solar decorations have five light modes that automatically turn on at night and off during the day. If they’re charged the whole day, they can have 6 to 8 hours of light. 

I like having Christmas decor around, but I always procrastinate putting it up because I’m not a fan of installing it. These worked like a charm! They have sturdy stakes that are easy to put in the ground. Moreover, the stakes are solid and will hold up the candy canes without toppling over.

Tech Specs

  • 22 inches long
  • 6 to 8 hours working time
  • 10 candy canes, 5 bell charms
  • 4.5*21 inches per candy cane


  • Made from durable plastic that can withstand winter weather conditions
  • Bigger size candy canes compared to other sellers
  • Candy canes are bright even with other lights on


  • Shorter working time compared to other solar decorations

Why Do I Like It?

I like the size — these are guaranteed to draw the eye and make your home stand out. I also appreciate that they are made of plastic that’s waterproof, so they can be used outside.

2. ILOVERD Garden Solar Light Metal Snowman/Santa Claus/Reindeer Yard Stakes

My choice #2 for solar outdoor Christmas decorations is a snowman, Santa Claus, and reindeer pack. 

I love that these aren’t made of plastic but stainless steel metal. This means it’s extremely durable, and you’ll be able to use the solar decorations for years to come. They are hand-painted, which means attention to detail is guaranteed.

Each of the solar lamps has a star-shaped LED light that will light up your garden at night. The lights automatically turn on at dusk and provide 8 to 10 hours of illumination.

The light is soft and warm, just bright enough without disturbing the neighbors and nocturnal animals.

The two-pronged base stake keeps the solar decoration stable. You don’t have to worry about how it’ll hold up in windy conditions.

Tech Specs

  • Waterproof Rate: IP65
  • Working hours 8 to 10
  • Charging time 6 to 8 hours
  • Dimensions 11.69 x 7.36 x 5.16 inches
  • 3 AAA batteries required


  • Hand-painted art and cute design
  • Warm, bright light, not too overpowering
  • Turns on automatically
  • Upgraded solar monocrystalline panels have a longer working life


  • Expensive
  • On the smaller side

Why Do I Like It?

I like that these solar lights charge and turn off automatically during the night, as I always forget to manually turn on solar lights.

3. MAGGIFT Solar Hanging Ball Lights with Umbrella Clips

These solar hanging balls are an excellent Christmas decor because they can be used individually. They aren’t connected to a string, but you can place each ball whenever you like — put them on a tree, your porch, fence, bird feeding station, and more. 

They come equipped with a clip, so it’s easy to attach them.

You’ll get 8 solar balls in the package. I was wowed with the design — there’s a crackled glass ball cover that looks elegant, and it’s weather-resistant. These will last for a long time, as each ball has a stainless steel top with a waterproof solar panel built into the lid.

The balls are RGB LED, and they alternate between four colors — red, green, yellow, and blue.

The crackled glass makes the colors look nice, and they provide enough light without being too strong.

Tech Specs
  • Dimensions 2.4" L x 2.4" W x 5.3"
  • 1 x AAA NI-MH rechargeable battery
  • Working hours 6 to 8 hours
  • IP44 waterproof solar panel


  • Crackled glass gives an elegant design
  • Have a clip for easy hanging
  • Stainless steel IP44 waterproof solar panel for longer life


  • No remote
  • Not the best option for people who want very bright lights

Why Do I Like It?

I like that these are individual and not on a string. This makes them customizable, as I can hang them all over my patio and yard, no need to keep them all together.

4. Vosaro Outdoor Solar Christmas Tree Lights 

Nothing says Christmas more than Christmas trees. Now you can have them light up your garden in an eco-friendly way. 

These solar Christmas trees are made from premium ABS material, and they simulate pine and cypress leaves. The 8 lamp beads are wrapped around the tree for an eye-catching appearance.

The lamps are colorful, which adds to the festive atmosphere, but they aren’t so strong as to cause light pollution or disrupt nocturnal wildlife, which is a big plus.

This solar Christmas tree comes with a solar panel and 600mAh battery, which is enough to make them last for 8 to 12 hours when fully charged. This is more than most other solar decorations. 

The trees have two modes — on and off. Simply toggle the switch at the bottom of the tree to turn them on. I liked that there’s no need for any additional batteries. As long as they are placed in a sunny location, you’re all set.

Tech Specs

  • 600mAh large capacity battery
  • 8 F5 RGB lamp beads
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • 8 to 12 hours working time


  • Long battery life — Stay on for 8 to 12 hours
  • Made from aluminum, waterproof
  • Easy installation


  • Not automatic. You have to switch them on manually, or they won’t charge.

Why Do I Like It?

I like how Christmassy they are. I also liked that they stay lit up for several hours, even on cloudy days, which many other solar lights can’t do.

5. Vintage Truck Christmas Garden Stake with Solar Lights

I  heard about this Christmas solar light from a friend. When she told me she got a solar Christmas truck for her garden, my first thought was — a truck? That’s not very Christmassy. 

Boy, was I wrong!

All it took was one look, and I was ordering it for myself.

The Christmas truck has a vintage look that will give a farmhouse feel to your yard. The red color is Christmas appropriate, and the distressed finish makes it resemble galvanized metal.

The faux tree and pinecones are well made.

The truck has solar headlights, which will light up your yard, and the decorations give a holiday look.

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 12"W x 2-1/2"D x 21-1/2"H
  • 4 inch stake
  • 6 to 8 hours working time


  • Perfect decoration if you’re going for rustic, farm, Christmas decor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Both children and adults will love it


  • Small dimensions
  • Solar battery position makes it difficult to charge
  • You need to buy an AA battery for it to work

Why Do I Like It?

I like that it’s unique. This will make your lawn stand out, as chances are none of your neighbors will have a truck for their Christmas decor. The galvanized finish makes it look vintage, and the tree and pinecone make it Christmas appropriate.

6. Mopha Solar Garden Lights

Next up on the list of solar-powered Christmas decorations are solar flower lights. These come without a cable, which means there’s no chance of a short circuit. 

The solar decorations are made of fiber optic material that’s luminous and lights up to the end of the fibers.

The lights resemble flowers or a jellyfish and have a high color rendering. There are seven color options, which change gradually and automatically. Best of all, all the solar lights change color in sync, so you’ll have a light show in your own garden. 

These are extremely easy to set up. Simply connect the sunlight beam and the lamp body, and you’ll get 8 to 10 hours of a light show when fully charged. 

Tech Specs

  • 7 LED colors
  • 1.2V AA 600mAh battery
  • 50*50mm 2V/120m solar-powered panel size
  • 21.65inch one solar light size
  • IP65 waterproof rating


  • Light up the yard from dusk to dawn
  • Provide a light show — 7 colors change automatically
  • Not connected — distribute them close or far away from each other


  • You can’t choose only one light; they are constantly changing colors

Why Do I Like It?

My favorite thing about these solar lights is that they are reusable. Yes, they are a perfect addition to your Christmas decor, but you can also use them on many other holidays — Mother’s Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and more.

7. Neporal Solar Pine Cone Christmas Lights

We aren’t done with solar Christmas trees yet. Pine trees symbolically mean good luck, health, and all the wishes in line with Christmas. This is why pine trees are traditionally decorated on Christmas. Now, you can have solar Christmas pine trees to light up your yard or inside of your home.

They are durable enough to be used outdoors, no matter if you live in sunny or snowy winter conditions. 

Choose between two modes: Ever Bright and Flash Mode. In Ever Bright, all lamp beads are displayed at the same time, and in the Flash Mode, they twinkle.

The aluminum alloy stakes are firm enough to hold the solar lights in the ground, even in windy conditions. Installation is easy, with no additional tools needed. You get everything you need in the package. Connect the sunlight beam to the lamp body, insert the lights in the ground, turn on the button, remove the film, and you’re all set in a manner of minutes.

Tech Specs

  • 1.2V/600mAH AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • Charging time 4 to 6 hours
  • Working hours 8 to 10 hours when fully charged
  • You can remove the solar panel and use 5 AA rechargeable batteries


  • Use rechargeable batteries if you live in an area that doesn’t have a lot of sunlight
  • Choose between two light modes
  • Can be used outside or inside (for example, in a plant pot)


  • You have to switch the on button manually, or it won’t charge
  • The two light modes need to be adjusted manually

Why Do I Like It?

I like that the pine trees represent health and good luck, so you’ll be surrounded with positive energy by using these. Moreover, they make a fantastic gift for your loved ones.

8. Fopfun Solar Powered Snowman Christmas Decorations

Now that I’ve covered the tree Christmas decorations let's move on to the snowman. These solar outdoor Christmas lights come in a pack of two — Mr. and Mrs. Snowman. 

These are best used to light up your garden. You can also put them on the sidewalk, garden path, or any outdoor space you prefer. 

The snowmen are made of high-quality plastic. While plastic isn’t the most eco-friendly option, it’s durable, so you’ll be able to use these solar lights for years to come. The snowman is a winter classic, so the lights won’t go out of style anytime soon.

What makes them even more attractive is that they change seven colors at night.

With these solar lights, there’s no conventional energy consumption. Simply insert the stick into the soft soil, and your snowmen are set for the holidays.

Tech Specs

  • 17-inch stick
  • 6-inch snowman
  • Voltage-1.2V
  • Solar panel- 2V 40-50mA
  • 6 to 8 hours of working time


  • No need to use a power cord or electricity
  • Easy installation, simply insert the stick into the ground
  • 1-year customer service


  • The snowmen are on the smaller side

Why Do I Like It?

I love how cute the snowmen are. Best of all, the snowman isn’t only a Christmas symbol, but winter as well. You’ll be able to use these all winter long.

9. SOWSUN Outdoor Solar Light Christmas Decorations

If you’re tired of all the traditional Christmas decorations, such as Santas, bulbs, and Christmas trees, here’s something different — a cross. This can also be used as cemetery decoration.

This faux floral cross has a large poinsettia in the center, decorated with pine cones, holly leaves, and berries. If you’re looking for a way to honor the memory of your loved one, this could be your best choice.

You can stake the cross at a grave city or put it in your garden if you’re a fan of more somber decor while still maintaining the holiday spirit.

It features a waterproof solar panel and will illuminate the yard all night long, as long as you place it under direct sunlight during the day. You’ll have a calming warm light that turns on automatically at night.

Tech Specs

  • 1 AA batteries required
  • Waterproof solar panel
  • 8 working hours


  • Double pronged stake makes the installation easy, and the light is firmly fixed
  • Festive look provided by pine cones, poinsettia, and red berries
  • Maintains light throughout the night


  • Only one light color option

Why Do I Like It?

I love the design. Even though a cross might not be everyone’s choice for Christmas decor, plenty of berries, pinecones, and poinsettia make this cross festive.

10. Exhart Solar Garden Stake Lights

Nothing will make your yard look more magical than a glowing angel. This acrylic angel has an elegant design. It sits atop a sturdy brushed metal stake. 

The acrylic construction and a metal stake will help it sit securely and withstand all weather conditions.

The angel has 12 solar LED lights in its wings, which give out a warm, white glow. The statue lights up on its own every evening, without any work needed from you. 

The elegant design looks fragile and will wow all visitors to your home with its crystal-like appearance.

It’s an excellent choice for Christmas decor, but you can use it for other holidays as well, even year-round.

Tech Specs

  • 4" W x 34" H
  • 1 AA batteries required
  • 8 working hours


  • Can be used as remembrance of a loved one
  • Manufactures by a family-owned company
  • High-quality solar panel holds a charge well and consistently


  • Some versions don’t work

Why Do I Like It?

I like that it’s manufactured by a family-owned company that’s been operating for more than 30 years. They are dedicated to making high-quality products and have a lot of experience in making solar-powered objects.

Best Solar Christmas Decorations: Summarized


Working Hours

Bundle Size

Dimensions (Inches)

Our Rating

LOSUY Christmas Solar Candy Cane Pathway Markers Lights

6 - 8

10 candy canes, 5 bell charms

17.45 x 5.16 x 4.81

ILOVERD Garden Solar Light Metal Snowman/Santa Claus/Reindeer Yard Stakes

8 - 10


11.69 x 7.36 x 5.16

MAGGIFT Solar Hanging Ball Lights with Umbrella Clips

6 - 8


2.4 x 2.4  x 5.3

Vosaro Outdoor Solar Christmas Tree Lights

8 - 12


17.32 x 4.02 x 3.58

Vintage Truck Christmas Garden Stake with Solar Lights

6 - 8


14.21 x 13.03 x 3.82

Mopha Solar Garden Lights

8 - 10


12.44 x 3.66 x 2.95

Neporal Solar Pine Cone Christmas Lights

8 - 10


4.33 x 4.33 x 15.94

Fopfun Solar Powered Snowman Christmas Decorations

6 - 8


10 x 5.9 x 3.5

SOWSUN Outdoor Solar Light Christmas Decorations



17.56 x 12.52 x 5.71

Exhart Solar Garden Stake Lights



2.36 x 3.93 x 33.85

Solar Christmas Decorations Buyers’ Guide

Here’s everything you should know about buying solar Christmas decorations, as well as all the reasons why you should take the plunge and go solar.

Things To Consider When Buying Solar Christmas Decorations

Solar Christmas Decorations
Working Hours Vs. Charging Hours

The first thing you should consider when buying solar Christmas lights is how long they charge and how long they will stay on.

The typical charging time of solar lights is 6 to 10 hours. This varies, depending on the amount of solar radiation throughout the day. 

Keep in mind, the number of hours solar lights need to charge according to the manufacturer’s specification are hours of full direct sunlight. In case there are clouds, the solar panel won’t charge as efficiently. 

My advice is to get lights that take fewer hours to get fully charged. In this case, even if there are cloudy weather conditions, there’s a higher chance of your solar lights reaching full charge.

As for the working hours, this represents the hours during which your lights will be lit up. This depends if the battery was capable of getting fully charged or not. 

Choose a solar light with a realistic working time, and keep in mind that if the suggested charging time is 10 to 12 hours, you’ll likely need two days for the lights to get fully charged, which means you won’t have a lit-up garden every night.

Pro tip new

Pro Tip: If you don’t charge the battery to its full capacity several times, this can badly affect its performance in the future.

Color and shape

Think about the aesthetics, especially when shopping for solar Christmas decorations.

Lights come in many versions. I’ve listed some solar lights that have up to 7 colors. On the other hand, some solar lights are white or soft yellow. Decide if you’re going for a colorful ambiance, which is often associated with Christmas, or you want something more elegant and more understated, such as one-color lights, which can also be used on other occasions.

As for the shapes, the most common Christmas options are trees, snowmen, snowflakes, crystal balls, and more. It’s a matter of preference.

All Weather Durability 

Manufacturers will give a rating to their products. This is usually IPXY, where Y stands for protection from water, and X is protection against dust particles.

Most solar lights won’t be affected by snow and rain, as they are made to last for a long time in these conditions. But, to be on the safe side, check the manufacturer rating for outdoor use.

Lighting Modes

One final thing to consider are the lighting modes. Many solar Christmas lights will have two modes — steady and flashing.

However, some solar lights can have other options, such as waves, twinkle, combination, fading, and so on. All of these will add a different atmosphere to your garden or yard.

If you want to stand out, go for a solar Christmas light with as many lighting options as possible.

Why Should You Go for Solar Christmas Decorations?


Solar Christmas decorations are safe for the environment. I’ve already mentioned how they will help you lower your electricity bill. 

That’s not all. Solar lights won’t leak any pollutants into the air or leach them into the ground. 

Moreover, they are more durable compared to traditional lights. This means you won’t have to replace them as often, and you’ll be sending a lower number of light strings to the landfills.


Solar Christmas decorations are, in most cases, extremely easy to install. Simply place the stick in the soil, or in the case of bulbs, use a clip to hang them wherever you like.

You don’t have to worry about cords and wires, nor how far away the lights are from the closest electric plug.

Also, in case of a power outage, these can serve as emergency lights. You won’t be left stranded in the dark.

Solar Christmas Decorations Benefits
Safe to Use

Solar decorations are also safe. I mentioned how you won’t have to fear the proximity to the closest eclectic outlet. This also means there’s no need for extensions that can be dangerous. 

No wires and cords are also important if you have little children or pets, which can trip and fall or cause a fire. Solar decorations won’t harm them.

Finally, they don’t get overheated, so the fire risk is zero.


One final reason why you should go for solar Christmas decorations is because they are cost-effective. Solar lights use free energy — the sunlight.

An average user spends $10.00 per 300 hours of traditional Christmas lighting, so solar decoration will end up saving you a ton of money. 

Yes, they can be expensive upfront, especially more high-quality decorations. However, when you think about the electricity bill, you’ll have to pay, this ends up more than paying off.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Christmas Decorations

Where to buy solar-powered Christmas decorations for the outside?

You can buy solar-powered Christmas decorations for the outside on Amazon. Amazon offers an endless selection of solar Christmas decorations.

Do solar Christmas lights really work?

Yes, solar lights really work. As long as you place them under direct sunlight so they can be fully charged, your solar lights will work all night long.

What is the most popular Christmas decoration?

Most popular Christmas decorations include garlands, candles, Christmas trees, ribbons, poinsettias, wreaths, and more.

What is trending for Christmas 2021?

Monochrome spaces are trending for Christmas 2021. This means the spaces should have the same color scheme as the Christmas decor.

Do solar Christmas lights work in winter?

Yes, solar Christmas lights work in winter, as long as they get enough sunlight to charge the battery so it can function.

Where should solar lights be placed in the yard?

Solar lights should be placed so they are visible. You want to show off your Christmas decorations. You should also place them so they won’t get in the way.

Can you charge solar lights without the sun?

Yes, you can charge solar lights without the sun. To do so, you have to place the solar lights directly underneath a light in your home.

Solar Christmas Decorations: Final Thoughts

I hope you liked my selection of solar Christmas decorations and that you found the buying guide helpful. 

Each of these is guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit and make your lawn the envy of your neighbors, but my choice #1 is the solar candy cane pathway lights. 

I love that they are big enough to be noticeable, and they come with sturdy stakes that keep them stable.

You can choose up to five lighting modes with candy cane solar lights, which is the most out of all solar lights on this list. Also, with up to 8 hours of light, these will light up your yard all night long.

Check them out yourself, and start getting in the holiday spirit with candy cane solar decorations!

Marina is passionate about sustainability and works to help ensure our planet stays as our home for a long time. She takes part in environmental conservation by recycling and not buying single-use plastic. When not writing, she can be found with her nose stuck in a book or trying out new baking recipes.

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