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EPA Plans to Pass Stricter Rules on How Power Plants Dispose of Wastewater

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced they are starting a new rulemaking process for coal plant requirements.

This will directly impact and undo the lenient coal plant requirements Trump’s administration implemented.

Currently, wastewater from coal plants goes into rivers and streams. This wastewater can contain toxic materials, which are detrimental to marine life. Moreover, it causes health issues for people, such as issues with the nervous and reproductive systems. 

According to EcoWatch, Biden’s administration doesn’t immediately plan to put into effect stricter requirements.

“The administration said it feared asking a court to revert back to the pre-Trump standard, put in place by former President Obama in 2015, because it could result in reverting to a previous, even more lax 1982 standard. However, by not enforcing stricter rules now, toxic wastewater can continue flowing into waterways for several more years.”

Although the activists praise the reversal of Trump's policy, they warn that the timeline is worrying, as the policy reversal won’t come into effect until 2024. This is also concerning because the damage done to our ecosystems will last for years.

Let’s hope the timeline will be pushed forward and that more effective action will take place.

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