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About GreenCitizen

About GreenCitizen


Several years ago, in 2002, James Kao was sitting in his living room, watching NOW with Bill Moyers on PBS together with his two daughters. The episode that night was about the global issue of toxic e-waste, and how the computers, electronics, and appliances in our homes were full of hazardous materials that can harm our health and the environment if they weren’t disposed of properly.

Problem was, 90% of them were not being disposed of properly. Instead, they were being exported to developing countries or going into landfills where they contribute to the further destruction of our planet.

He was shocked.

Right then and there, he realized that he was a green citizen living on this Earth, and thus, he has the responsibility to do everything he can to help reverse the damage we’ve done to the environment.

For two years he went around Europe, the United States, and Asia, trying to find solutions to this environmental problem. It was on a Thanksgiving Eve flight back to the US when he finally decided to create a sustainable environmental business that can address this issue.

GreenCitizen was founded on Earth Day, April 22, 2005. Our goal is to help reverse the environmental damage done to the Earth by developing a sustainable metropolitan circular economy that makes every day Earth Day.

We accomplish this goal through:

  1. Self-sustaining electronics recycling and reuse services for both businesses and individuals
  2. Actionable green blog posts that inform, educate, and inspire people to create a more sustainable Earth
  3. A nationwide Green Directory that allows people to find green services near them
  4. A Green Store that recommends green products to eco-conscious consumers
  5. Partnerships with universities and other companies that research and develop circular economy products and technologies

Here at GreenCitizen, we understand that the world’s environmental crisis is so huge that no one person, company, government, non-profit, or country can solve the problem on their own.

But it is possible if every single one of us contributes our maximum efforts to reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, and remake all the products and services we are using.

We don’t have all the solutions but we can start with what we can contribute. If we do that, then we can live a greener life, reduce humanity’s carbon footprint, and make every day Earth Day.

Meet GreenCitizen’s Team

James Kao
CEO / President / Founder

James W. Kao is an experienced CEO with a successful track record of delivering results in startup and Fortune 500 environments. Over the course of his career, Mr. Kao has raised over $24 million in funding to support several start-up companies. In 2000, he co-founded Managize, a supply chain management company later sold to Escalate, Inc. Prior to Managize, Mr. Kao founded and led eALITY, a business process enterprise software firm. He served as CEO of The Right Sizing Group, a data warehouse consultancy whose clients included Wells Fargo Bank, Charles Schwab, Intuit, Mervyn’s, and TransAmerica Corp.

Mr. Kao played a key marketing role in significantly driving Oracle sales for the HP product business, and also held management positions with HP and IBM. He earned a BS in math/computer science from UCLA and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.


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