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Product, Prototype, and IT Destruction

We Are Open for Business Pickups and Drive-through Recycling Drop-offs, 10-6 Monday-Friday.

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Product, Prototype, and IT Destruction

Destruction and shredding service for prototypes, products, and IT equipment
Destruction and shredding service for prototypes, products, and IT equipment

Protecting intellectual property is crucial for manufacturing companies. That’s why GreenCitizen offers a certified shredding service for our customers who need to decommission sensitive IT equipment, products, or prototypes. We make sure that your items are securely destroyed, and we guarantee that they won’t be reused in any way. Our trained staff will come directly to your office, pick up every item that you want to destroy, and transport them to our EcoCenter in Burlingame. After the items have been shredded, we will issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

If you’d like to receive a quote for destroying your prototype, product, or IT equipment, please send us an email to

Companies have a wide variety of reasons for shredding IT equipment and prototypes. Whether you’re in the manufacturing, technology, hardware, or government sector, your best practices, proprietary interests, or legal and tax imperatives may demand secure destruction. Of course, you want to work with a company that adheres to the most stringent security and environmental practices. GreenCitizen guarantees you the highest level of responsibility, security, and service.

We guarantee that all shredded material is processed in the most environmentally friendly way. We ensure that everything is recycled responsibly within 150 miles of San Francisco, and that nothing is dumped in landfills or shipped abroad. We also offer certified hard drive destruction and IT asset disposition.

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