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GreenCitizen is the leader in IT asset disposition, electronic asset liquidation, and e-waste recycling in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Whether you need to upgrade your computer, network, infrastructure, or electronics in the near future, our IT Asset Disposition service will help you with removing and recycling your IT equipment in a responsible, environmental, and friendly way.

Even if you’re simply moving out of your current office, downsizing your business, or closing your company due to bankruptcy, GreenCitizen will make sure that you’ll offset your deployment costs when you liquidate your obsolete or unwanted IT and electronic assets with us.

Are You: 

Changing or Upgrading Your Equipment?

Investing in newer technology means investing in your business — you don’t want to lag behind your competitors with your outdated equipment. But your old equipment doesn’t have to become e-waste because we will recycle them for you efficiently and in a responsible, environmental, and friendly way.

Moving Out?

You might be thinking of expanding your business and you need a larger facility to accommodate your growth, or maybe you simply want to reduce your rental costs by consolidating your offices and moving to a smaller space. Either way, moving to a new office will also mean letting go of unwanted equipment or upgrading older ones. We’ll make it easier for you by removing and recycling them in the most eco-friendly way.

Going Through Bankruptcy or Downsizing?

We live in trying times. Bankruptcy, insolvency, and downsizing are never easy for any business, but GreenCitizen can help cushion the blow for your company. We understand what you’re going through since we’re a business too, and we will help you recover some profit from your assets when you liquidate them with us.

What You’ll Get 

Free Data Destruction and Sanitization with Certificate
The security of your data is our top priority, which is why we offer data destruction and sanitization services for FREE for qualified ITAD items in full compliance with the DoD 5220.22-M (Department of Defense) standard.

Net Profit Sharing
We’ll refurbish, test, and sell your ITAD-qualified assets — all without any effort on your part. And this is where it gets better: if your resellable items have a minimum sales price of $50 per item and a combined gross revenue of $5,000 or higher we’ll share the net profit with you.

Fast, Fair, and Free Evaluation of Any Asset
Your time is important to us, so we quickly evaluate if your assets are ITAD-qualified or non-qualified for free.

Responsible Recycling
You can rest assured that we won’t simply throw away your items — resellable items will be refurbished and sold, while those that can’t be refurbished will go straight to our R2 and e-Steward certified vendor, where they will be recycled responsibly.

Note: Non-qualified ITAD items are also eligible for confidential data destruction or data center decommissioning services but will be charged a regular data destruction fee.

How Our Process Works

Unlike other ITAD companies, our asset disposition and asset recovery processes are completely transparent.

We make sure that you know what happens with your assets every step of the way — from the moment you schedule an assessment with us to the moment we send you our ITAD report of all refurbished items and their corresponding resale value.

  1. Schedule an ITAD assessment with us for free or create create a free pickup request here.
  2. Send us a list of your IT assets, including the make and model information, and we’ll quickly provide you a free assessment. To be qualified for asset disposition services, the value of each individual item must meet or exceed $50, and the total resale value of all items must be at least $5,000.
  3. Once we’ve identified both your ITAD-qualified and non-qualified equipment, we’ll pick both of them up from your office.
  4. We’ll track all your assets to ensure a thorough audit trail for risk management and legislative compliance.
  5. We’ll wipe the data from your ITAD-qualified items to ensure data security. Note that any Device Enrollment Program (DEP) software must be unlocked in order to be sold. Locked assets may be considered invalid.
  6. We’ll move on to the recycling phase where we then refurbish, test, and sell your items online and share 50% of the net profit with you.
  7. Lastly, we’ll send you a detailed report that breaks down all the ITAD assets we were able to refurbish and sell, the total gross revenue we made from the sale, and the actual amount of your share of the net profit.

The total gross revenue we made from the sale of your items covers the following IT asset recovery and data center decommissioning tasks:

  1. Labor for pickup/removal
  2. Asset tracking
  3. DoD wipe to ensure data security (US Department of Defense 5220.22-M data sanitization procedure overwrites all addressable locations on the drive with a single character)
  4. Testing of each unit
  5. Posting of the items on eBay or Amazon for value recovery
  6. Inventory management
  7. Customer support for any customer inquiries
  8. Sold and pay listing fee on eBay, Amazon (10% of sale)
  9. Transaction fees to PayPal (3% of each transaction and sale)
  10. Packing and shipping
  11. UPS shipping charge ($2-$25 depending on item)
  12. Provision of 3% to 5% return and restocking fee

Items We Accept

Items Accepted Free Pickup Free Data Erasure with Certificate Other Items With Fees
Laptops and desktops (i5, i7 or i9; 2014 or newer) in working condition
Cisco Enterprise Networking Equipment (2014 or newer) in working condition
Other laptops
Other desktops
Computer server
Enterprise networking equipment
Flat screen monitor or TV
Older CRT monitor or TV
Banker box of small electronics
UPS batteries
Fax machines
Misc items not listed above (appliances, other office equipment, etc.)
Microwave oven $35/unit
Used toner cartridges $4/toner
Styrofoam $60/gaylord
VHS tapes $6/unit
DLT tapes $6/unit
LTO tapes $6/unit
Floppy disks $6/lb
Cassette tapes $6/lb
Server rack $120/unit
Big TV (55 inches or larger) $120/unit
Any item over 100 lbs $120/100 lbs/unit
Floor standing copier $240/unit

As the most transparent and responsible ITAD company and e-waste recycler in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can rest easy knowing that all the materials you entrust to us are handled in strict compliance with the guidelines set by the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC).

Aside from ITAD services, data center decommissioning, and value recovery services, we also offer complete product destruction services if you have data security and risk management best practices, proprietary interests, or legal and tax imperatives that may demand a more secure destruction. Learn more about that here.