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GreenCitizen has reopened for business recycling pickups now.
Contactless drive-through recycling drop offs start on June 1, 10 AM to 6 PM. Monday through Friday.

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COVID-19 Limited Contact Electronic Recycling Pickup Procedure.

FREE Data Erasure With a Certificate
When You Recycle


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Pickup Type

1 Qualifying Item for a FREE Pickup and FREE Data Erasure with Certificate:
Laptops/ Desktops (i5, i7 or i9; 2015 or newer) in Working Condition
Working = Power ON and Functioning

Apple Laptop/Desktop


Laptop i5, i7, i9

Desktop i5, i7, i9

2015/newer Cisco
Enterprise Networking Equipment
5 Qualifying Items for a FREE Pickup and FREE Data Erasure with Certificate:
Laptops/ Desktops (i5, or i7; 2014 or newer) in Working Condition
Working = Power ON and Functioning

Apple Laptop/Desktop


Laptop i5, i7

Desktop i5, i7

2014/newer Cisco
Enterprise Networking Equipment
10 Qualifying Items for a FREE Pickup (includes items above)
Working or Non-Working

Other laptop/chrome/netbook

Other Desktop

Computer Server

Enterprise Networking Equipment

Flat Screen Monitor/TV

Older CRT Monitor and TV
Non Qualifying Items (Office Equipment and Appliances)

Banker Box of Small Electronics

UPS Batteries
(Less than 100 lbs. each)

(Less than 100 lbs. each)

Misc Items not listed above
Please Describe Items Here
Confidential Data Destruction Services

Certified Data Destruction in unit
$20/Tablet, Laptop, Desktop

Certified Data Destruction Solo

Certified Sever Data Destruction

Data Destruction (No Certificate)

Certified Tape Destruction
Product Destruction & ITAD
Product/ITAD Quantity

Product/ITAD Type

Detail Description for Quote
Additional Fee Services

Microwave Oven
($25 per Unit)

Used Toner Cartridges
($2 per Toner)


Large Tape Recycling
(VHS, DLT, LTO) $1.00/unit

Small Tape Recycling
(Floppy, Cassette) $.50/piece

Oversized Items
(Server Rack, Big TV (55 Inches & larger), etc) $100

Items over 100 lbs
$100/100 lbs/unit

Floor Standing Copier
($200 per unit)
Please Describe fee Items here
Pickup Cost Estimate
2015/newer Qualified Items:
0 item(s)
2014/newer Qualified Items:
0 item(s)
Additional Qualified items:
0 item(s)
Non Qualified Items:
0 item(s)
Product Destruction & ITAD:
0 item(s)

Pickup Fee:
Confidential Destruction Services:
Additional Fee Services:
Product Destruction & ITAD fee:
To be determined
Grand Total:
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