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Bioplastic Records Promise to Decarbonize Music Business

Nothing like good old vinyl. We can’t agree more, but now we have great news. A sugar-based alternative to vinyl can help the music industry become more sustainable. 

According to UK-based Evolution Music, the bioplastic they’ve been developing can be used to create records. 

Reuters reports that Their aim is to persuade labels and artists to stop using plastic while keeping the existing pressing plant machinery and processes. 

"[In] the little bit of lead-in and in between the tracks there's some surface noise. If you like that, if you're a 70s fan, you like that little crackling, great," he said, adding they are continuing to develop the product. "We've got a unique recipe, but we are a (research and development) company - we'll carry on with iterations of R&D to improve it," he said.

The first reactions are positive and it seems recording artists will be keen to switch to bioplastic. 

A co-founder of Music Declares Emergency (MDE), Lewis Jamieson, says that the production of vinyl is toxic in many ways but people still love vinyl. The only solution is a non-toxic alternative that feels and sounds the same. 

MDE is a music industry climate action campaign group that started as a declaration by nearly 3,000 artists ranging from grindcore to solo cellists.

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