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The British government announced to commit 30 million pounds to fund new offshore wind projects to lessen the dependence on fossil fuel.

The rising price and the over-dependence on fossil fuel has been a major issue for the U.K. government. To alleviate the issue, as well as, to fight back the climate crisis, the government announced its plan to invest heavily in wind energy projects. 

The U.K. government disclosed that the initial 32 million pounds will go to 11 new offshore floating wind projects. Later, the projects will receive another 30 million pounds to accelerate the progress. 

The officials have also notified that the primary stage of the program will be to identify the windiest locations on Britain’s sea border to establish the wind farms. Some officials hope that this initiative will help Britain to become the global leader in floating wind energy. 

These innovative projects will help us expand renewable energy further and faster across the UK and help to reduce our exposure to volatile global gas prices.

Greg Hands, UK energy minister 

The U.K. expects to produce 25 gigawatts of power in the next decade from the 17 Scottish projects. As a result, they will be in line with the ultimate goal to cut carbon emission to zero by mid-century. 

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