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UK Govt. starts trials with £30m investment to fund several projects — mass plantation, planting rock chips, Biochar, bioenergy crops, and reviving peatlands.

The UK government has been giving us signs of starting numerous efforts to fight off CO2 emission, as a part of the government's legislated net-zero climate target.

Finally, the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has announced its £30 million investment plan to achieve the net-zero climate target. The UKRI will divide the entire sum into five separate interdisciplinary projects and a central hub at the University of Oxford.

Also, the UKRI will pour in an additional £1.5 million investment for further research purposes. The officials have announced that the research effort will span over 4.5 years.

A few of the activities include — re-wetting and replanting degraded peatlands in West Wales and the Pennines, testing CO2 absorbing rock chips in Devon, Hertfordshire, and mid-Wales. Furthermore, there is a plan to plant biochar in a sewage disposal site.

Finally, the research effort will determine the best ways to capture carbon, using trees, such as Willow and miscanthus grass.  

According to a report in The Guardian, the UK needs to remove about 100 million tons of CO2 per year by 2050 to reach its target of net-zero climate.

This is seriously exciting and pretty much world leading. Nobody really wants to be in the situation of having to suck so much CO2 from the atmosphere. But that’s where we are – we’ve delayed [climate action] for too long.

Prof. Cameron Hepburn, University of Oxford, Coordination Leader.

This is perhaps the biggest initiative by any government in the world trying to fight off greenhouse gas emissions.

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