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Earth-Friendly Vodka Made of CO2 — The First Round’s on Me

Bathtub Gin is a reinvented speakeasy in lower Manhattan where you can reminisce of the days long gone and get served a beverage that speaks to a cleaner future. 

Because Air Vodka is made in part from greenhouse gas emissions — captured carbon dioxide, to be more accurate. 

Traditional distilled alcohol releases emissions and uses a lot of water — 35l per 1l of distillate. 

CNBC reports that Air Vodka needs just two ingredients, CO2 and water. 

“We work with partners that capture that carbon dioxide before it’s emitted into the atmosphere, and then we use that CO2 in our process in creating the alcohols that we create,” said Gregory Constantine, Co-founder and CEO of Air Company, which is also producing perfume and hand sanitizer from those emissions. “It’s obviously far better for the planet in that we’re removing CO2 for every bottle that we’re creating.”

The process separates hydrogen out of the water through electrolysis, releasing oxygen.

The hydrogen is then fed into a conversion block with the captured CO2 that creates ethanol, which combined with water becomes a type of vodka. 

While this technology is pretty much earth-friendly, at this point it’s not cheap at all. Air Vodka is currently a luxury brand that goes for $65 per bottle. 

Carbon capture is becoming a growing green industry as companies find ways to not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also prevent necessary emissions from getting into the atmosphere. 


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