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Hino Motors is partnering with REE Automotive to make electric trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles.

A Toyota Motor subsidiary, Hino Motors, is partnering with REE Automotive, an Israeli electric vehicle start-up. They are planning to make electric trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles.

REE automotive’s approach for making EVs is centered around technology packs built into the vehicle wheel. This approach allows customers more say, especially in designing vehicle cabins, which is where Hino hopes to attract and win over customers.

According to CNBC, REE plans to offer drive-by-wire systems, which replace mechanical controls with electronic systems.

“The company believes putting its technology between the wheel and the chassis enables the floor of its commercial vans and trucks to be completely flat. This allows for greater flexibility in design and can be adjusted to meet unique specifications. This business alliance is a unique opportunity in terms of its global reach and scale,” said REE CEO Daniel Barel. “It can position us as a strong leader in the commercial and mobility-as-a-service segments.”

REE and Hino will have some competition, as all major automakers — Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford — are planning to produce commercial EV vehicles.

However, Hino and REE hope that their unique design — putting the technology between the wheel and the chassis and getting a completely flat floor — will set them apart from the competition. 

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