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Mercedes is taking a multiple stage approach to reducing the CO2 tied up in making and running its vehicle fleet.

Mercedes-Benz has already taken some big steps towards energy efficiency and improved performance. And while the company itself is setting targets for a green net-zero goal, they are further extending that to the entire fleet of cars. 

The company intends to halve CO2 emissions per passenger car by doing two things. 

First of all, more and more vehicles in the lineup are fully electric, and that trend is set to continue. 

In addition, Mercedes will support a charging infrastructure that will supply 100% green energy so that there is no CO2 linked to the cars anymore. 

The Environmental Leader had a recent article that highlighted some interesting details. 

“By transitioning to CO2-neutral cell production, emissions from producing a battery pack can be cut by 20%, according to the company. Other cuts can be made by improving the anode and cathode production process.”

This approach for tackling all aspects of manufacturing and emissions linked to charging and battery production is a great move in the right direction. It even includes a plan for efficient battery recycling to reuse a lot of the metals tied up in them. 

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