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Scottish Community Initiative Raises £3.1M For Diverse Moorland Nature Reserve

The Langholm Community Initiative in Southern Scotland has started to raise money for a nature reserve on their local moorland.

The scheme requires £6.4 million for funding, though a smaller-sized nature reserve may also be completed for £4.2 million if the money runs short.

The Tarras Valley Nature Reserve will bring biodiversity, economic benefits, and just general pleasantness to the area, which naturally features species including short-eared owls, black grouse, otters, hen harriers, and wild goats.

Positive News reports:

“[We want to] restore globally precious peatlands and ancient woodlands [and] create new native woodlands,” said Kevin Cumming, the Langholm Initiative’s project leader. “At this critical stage we are asking for the help of the public. We know it’s a big ask at a time like this – but if people can support us we will be ensuring a more positive future for our children."

Though the community is a little short of its funding at the moment, it looks likely that they’ll secure money for the smaller nature reserve if not the larger one.

Scotland has some seriously beautiful landscapes, as well as some of the most unique flora and fauna in the UK, so I’d love to see an additional nature reserve added to their arsenal of already-lovely scenic areas.

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