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Make Your Favorite Wine a Sustainable One

Organic wine production has been in big demand for many years, but a new vegan wine brand called Kind of Wild Wines has launched a much more sustainable approach to the farming and wine-making process.

The crowdfunded project hit its $20,000 target in a matter of weeks, and that set the new wine brand in motion.

A VegNews report has summarized the project’s sustainable goals like this.

“Kind of Wild supports winemakers from across the globe who are committed to sustainable farming practices by improving soil health, diminishing soil erosion, keeping natural waters free from chemicals, and having a positive impact on the local ecosystem.”

What’s most interesting about the project is that it’s not just about growing their own grapes sustainably on a local level. Instead, the founders have worked with growers all over the world to get the message to spread.

It’s a great way to give farmers new ideas on all continents and then show off those methods to others.

So far, the company has launched six different wines covering red, white, and rosé, and they are definitely worth checking out for your next dinner party. 

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