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Saving The Planet One Glass Of Wine At A Time

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It truly amazes me how many different approaches people are taking when it comes to environmentalism.

Proud Pour wine is one of the latest ideas that Berlin Kelly from NYC had in 2014. And the idea couldn’t be any simpler.

Every bottle of wine she sells contributes a precise amount of environmental value back to nature.

Whether it’s increasing the oyster population in NY Harbor, saving bee populations, or improving coral reef diversity, there are plenty of important aspects covered.

Inhabitat also reports about the company’s next venture into ciders.

“For those with a different palette and passion for sea turtles, Proud Pour produces a cider made from Connecticut River Valley apples. Like all of its products, Proud Pour’s Cider for Sea Turtles is sustainably grown and vegan. Proceeds from the cider fund the work at sea turtle hospitals that rescue and care for injured sea turtles so they can return to the ocean.”

What I like about this idea is that it has two benefits.

There’s a direct positive impact by funding specific projects. But the wines also spark conversations and awareness for a variety of problems.

Try to make your next glass of wine one that provides more than just personal enjoyment.

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