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Discover how Hitachi’s novel sustainability data management system aids organizations in mapping a clear pathway toward achieving carbon neutrality and economic efficiency.

Hitachi has introduced its avant-garde "Sustainability Solution and Services" platform in a progressive stride toward environmental responsibility. This initiative is crafted to assist enterprises in devising and executing their environmental and decarbonization agendas. 

By targeting four pivotal domains—green IT, manufacturing, facilities, and data—the platform furnishes data on asset energy efficiency, power supply, and Scope 3 emissions, among other metrics. This data-driven approach empowers firms to excel in their decarbonization efforts while concurrently enhancing their sustainability performance.

According to Environment+Energy Leader, the platform’s robust portfolio enables organizations to pinpoint the bulk of their carbon emissions, offering tools that facilitate the creation of a strategic roadmap to mitigate these emissions. Additionally, it unveils avenues for companies to economize through energy efficiency, resource optimization, and climate-associated risk reduction. 

IDC’s global sustainability research lead, Bjoern Stengel, remarked, “Decarbonization is no longer reserved for the most environmentally conscious as industries face increasing regulation and requirements to limit carbon contributions." He further noted the new paradigm by Hitachi Vantara grants customers the acumen to make well-informed decisions, engendering solutions that profoundly impact the bottom line, both in terms of sustainability and financial returns.

Hitachi’s innovation extends to practical applications, as evidenced in a case where the technology helped an Australian citrus company, Golden Grove Nursery, refine its irrigation practices. Significant improvements were achieved through the utilization of weight scales, soil moisture sensors, and data analytics, leading to a 30% enhancement in irrigation practices post-implementation.

Moreover, Hitachi Vantara underscores the essence of "Making Sustainability Achievable with Data." The initiative aims to diminish data center energy consumption and carbon footprint by leveraging intelligent digital infrastructure and data platforms. This expertise is pivotal in unveiling insights that catalyze data-driven sustainability, making a marked difference in the journey towards a greener planet.

Using modern infrastructure, data management, and digital solutions, Hitachi’s new Sustainability Solutions and Services are poised to provide a logical approach to attaining critical environmental and decarbonization objectives, resonating with the burgeoning global emphasis on sustainability.

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