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AT&T’s software aids Idaho in climate risk planning, projecting weather trends to enhance the state’s resilience against climate-induced disasters.

AT&T has pioneered a study utilizing its innovative Climate Risk and Resilience Portal (ClimRR) in Idaho, aiming to forecast future weather patterns and bolster the state's preparedness for weather-related calamities. This software has been recognized as a crucial tool to project and plan for the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events, offering insights that are vital for informed disaster planning.

According to Environment+Energy Leader, in 2022, AT&T joined forces with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Energy’s Argonne Laboratory to develop ClimRR. The portal, which is freely accessible online, empowers communities by providing access to crucial climate data projections, including temperature, precipitation, and drought, among others.

In a collaborative effort with the Idaho Office of Emergency Management (IOEM), ClimRR was instrumental in the formulation of the state’s Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP). It supplied projections related to precipitation, wildfires, and temperature in Idaho for the upcoming decades until the century's end.

The findings indicated a potential increase in annual precipitation but at a reduced frequency, signaling a heightened risk of drought. Additionally, the study revealed the eastward spread of wildfires, posing potential threats to communities and crop yields in specific regions of Idaho.

FEMA’s newly instituted State Mitigation Planning Policy Guide mandates the inclusion of climate, population, and land use projections in all HMPs. Consequently, Idaho’s updated HMP now aligns with FEMA’s revised prerequisites.

The ClimRR tool distinguishes itself by focusing on local climate conditions and utilizing dynamical downscaling to account for the physical processes of the rapidly altering climate. This approach contrasts with many other modeling tools that predominantly rely on historical trends.

The case study underscored the significance of regional data breakdown to understand the varied impacts on local communities due to distinct weather events. It also highlighted the importance of local input and community stakeholder feedback in refining the findings. The utilization of ClimRR is most effective when the results are clear and concise, emphasizing the crucial findings from the extensive data available.

This initiative by AT&T is a testament to the growing emphasis on leveraging technology to enhance climate resilience and preparedness, providing communities with the insights needed to navigate the challenges posed by climate change.

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