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HowGood launches FLAG, a transformative dashboard enabling food companies to measure and strategize emissions, aligning with the Science Based Targets initiative.

HowGood, a renowned sustainability company, has unveiled its innovative FLAG emissions dashboard, a revolutionary platform designed to empower food companies to accurately measure emissions and adhere to the newly established guidelines by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). This development is a significant stride in enabling companies in the food sector to set and achieve brand and product-level goals effectively.

According to Environment+Energy Leader, the FLAG dashboard is a remarkable addition to HowGood’s sustainability intelligence platform, Latis. It provides companies with the capability to calculate environmental and social impacts, formulate product recipes based on carbon footprint, water usage, and labor risk, and explore new sustainability marketing claims. 

The HowGood database is extensive, containing emissions information for over 33,000 food ingredients, allowing the platform to establish emissions baselines in three major categories: land management, land use change, and carbon removals.

This software is especially pertinent to the food and agriculture industry, given its alignment with SBTi’s updates to its FLAG, or Forest, Land, and Agriculture, guidelines. These guidelines are inclusive of targets on land-based emissions and removals. Once the GHG Protocol Land Sector and Removals Guidance is released, companies aspiring to set science-based targets will be mandated to include a FLAG target.

Ethan Soloviev, Chief Innovation Officer at HowGood, emphasized the critical role of the land sector in implementing efficient and effective nature-based solutions for carbon removal and storage. 

He stated, “Reducing deforestation is one of the most critical climate change mitigation activities that we as the food industry have. We are inspired by what FLAG offers to more accurately measure greenhouse gas emissions in line with scientific standards, and excited for what Latis can do to bring an action-oriented tool to those working hard to not only measure but reduce land-sector emissions.”

The food industry, responsible for approximately a third of overall global emissions, holds substantial potential for carbon sequestration and removal. The FLAG platform by HowGood provides companies with pathways to support carbon-reducing practices such as regenerative agriculture and land-use practices that prevent unnecessary deforestation, thereby contributing to a reduction in emissions from the sector.

This initiative by HowGood is indicative of the increasing emphasis on utilizing technology to enhance sustainability and environmental responsibility in the food industry, providing crucial insights and actionable strategies to combat the challenges posed by climate change.

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