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Formula E also recycles the batteries from its electric cars, recovering around 50% of the lithium and 80% of the metals.

Now the second most popular motorsport in the world, Formula E is essentially the electric version of Formula 1, using EVs (electric vehicles) for its thrilling races.

As well as using electric vehicles for its races, Formula E values sustainability and climate change as a whole, wanting to reduce air pollution and improve air quality for all.

For example, they recently banned single-use plastics from their events, using reusable alternatives instead. This has single-handedly saved 200,000 pieces of single plastic from being created and inevitably sent to landfill.

They definitely put their money where their mouth is.

Formula E also recycles the batteries from its cars, recovering around 50% of the lithium and 80% of the metals, helping to make EV racing a sport that is very sustainable.

The success of Formula E is catching the interest of large motoring firms who seem to be investing in EV racing according to the video by Trash Is For Tossers.

If sustainability is to become the norm, it needs to permeate various parts of our lives, including sport and recreation.

I’m glad to see progress and big business investment in this area as we all collectively push to make sport greener in the future.

Watch the video below:

Joe is passionate about environmentalism and the effect it has on our planet. He’s been a vegetarian for 10 years and is very strict about recycling in his apartment. As well as writing, he likes to spend time singing, playing the guitar, and defending pineapple on pizza.

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