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Digital Ocean Data Drives Effective and Sustainable Development

The ocean has long been a huge driving force for economic activity, including shipping and fishing industries. But oceans have been at the core of global eco and climate stability for millions of years more.

The problem has always been striking a balance between supporting the economy and protecting the oceans, and a new data-driven approach is making the decision-making a lot more scientific.

A World Economic Forum report had some examples of what kind of data collection is driving these changes.

“For example, more, better and faster ocean data means we can better predict extreme weather and ocean events, track emissions to push for net zero shipping, optimise offshore floating wind for ‘green’ energy generation, track ocean pollution including plastics, and improve sustainable management of fisheries, to name just a few applications.”

The major breakthrough in data collection is coming through collaborative efforts from organizations around the world.

So far, most data has ended up on isolated computers and hard drives, making it very difficult to gain comprehensive information and, ultimately, better knowledge of the most urgent problems and solutions.

That will hopefully change with this new collaboration, allowing scientists to search and analyze much greater data sets. 

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