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Surfers Are Becoming Part Of A Global Ocean Monitoring Network

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I love to hear innovative ideas that just make so much sense that you can’t believe someone hasn’t come up with them before.

This latest idea aims to equip thousands of surfboards with multiple sensors that measure the oceans’ surface water temperature.

Each of the surfboard sensors will store this data and then transfer it to a computer or smartphone.

Scientists can then gather data from all over the planet to get a far more accurate measure than traditional measurement techniques.

The World Economic Forum reported one of the main issues with traditional data collection methods.

“The team also figured there was a gap in existing ocean data collection methods. The dynamic, choppy nature of coastal waters makes it hard for traditional sensors to operate. And buoy-mounted sensors are limited in number and have less flexibility.”

The project still requires a lot more financial backing. But if the early data results are anything to go by, this could develop into a bigger story for a small startup idea.

It certainly would be great to see a solution like this that involves individual people lending their support through their everyday activities.

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