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Carbon Labeling On Food In Schools Increases Student Awareness

Schools and colleges around the USA are introducing a new food labeling concept that will highlight the environmental and social impact of different meals being offered in dining halls. 

The idea is similar to educating people about macros and calories on nutritional labels and will aim to get students and faculty staff to make more informed choices about what they eat. 

A report in the Environmental Energy Leader had some interesting details to share on how this system will work. 

“Chartwells recipes will be rated based on the 8 impact metrics chosen. The labeling will be displayed on dining hall menus and digital signage at Chartwells partner campuses nationwide starting this fall semester.”

Each meal recipe will use data on the impact of the ingredients and the preparation. This will include metrics like greenhouse gas emissions, animal welfare, water usage, and extensive land use. 

Focusing more on what we eat and the impact it has on the environment will hopefully filter through to how students plan their meals outside of the campus environment. 

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