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A Vietnamese architecture firm has set a new sustainability target by constructing a student dormitory using only locally made materials.

A Vietnamese architecture firm called T3 Architects has set a new sustainability target, which has led the way in achieving maximum results with minimum budgets and resources.

The goal was to plan and construct a student dormitory while using only locally made materials.

The first step was to ensure a comfortable living space in a tropical part of the world. That involved using materials that had a naturally cooling effect reducing the need for any AC or even fans.

An Inhabitat report shared how the new project seamlessly connected with existing buildings. 

“Catherine and Olivier, the founders of Hippo Farm, commissioned the Bioclimatic Dormitories as an expansion of their three-hectare permaculture farm in Binh Hoa, about an hour away from downtown Ho Chi Minh City. The new construction was designed to follow the example of the existing architecture on site, which was constructed for low environmental impact and built with locally sourced natural materials.”

The architects also ensured simple technology like composting toilets and rooftop solar heaters to further reduce the environmental impact in a very remote location.

They also increased natural ventilation by aligning the building and designing doors, windows, and long corridors in a way that would maximize airflow. It shows how even a limited budget can bring about innovative changes that only cost brainpower. 

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