California Governor Orders Protection For 30% Of State Land

Gov. Newsom has issued an executive order to protect 30% of California land and coastal waters in a new step towards fighting climate change.

And this is not some distant goal that pushes all responsibility and actions out to future generations. The protection goal has an initial date of 2030, but there are hopes that the state will achieve it long before then.

Fox 40 gave an excellent summary of the planned actions in a recent report. 

“Newsom, who made the announcement in a walnut orchard 25 miles outside of Sacramento, said innovative farming practices, restoring wetlands, better managing forests, planting more trees and increasing the number of parks are all potential tools.

The goal is to conserve 30% of the state’s lands and coastal waters in the next decade as part of a larger global effort. California is the first state to join 38 countries that have made similar commitments, Newsom said.”

This news comes hot on the foot of other recent announcements that will ban the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035.

In a way, it’s not surprising for a state to take such drastic actions considering the amount of damage that wildfires have caused this year.

And the more land restoration projects the governor can bring to life, the better the chances of reducing such risks in the future. 

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