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Proterra Unveils EV Charging System For Full Fleet Electrification

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Proterra has premiered its new high-efficiency electric vehicle charging solution that can help organizations electrify their entire fleets.

With more fleet-operators transitioning to full-battery electric vehicles, chargers that can efficiently power large fleets of vehicles will have a critical role in the electrification.

Green Car Congress reports that the Proterra’s new charging system can be configured to supply 1.5 megawatts of power to 20 EVs at the same time.

“The new Proterra 1.5 megawatt fleet-scale charging system can also tie directly into higher voltage utility power lines (up to 35kV) which avoids the footprint and complication of costly switchgear. The chargers will also be able to meet the needs of smaller electric vehicle fleets, with 75 kilowatt, 150 kilowatt, 250 kilowatt, and 500 kilowatt power levels.”

The technology behind these new chargers can power a range of full-electric vehicles, such as battery-electric transit buses, school buses, delivery vans, coach buses, and other commercial vehicles, but also personal passenger EVs. 

Proterra’s chargers feature overhead and plug-in options for greater flexibility, while being capable to connect to stationary storage and solar installations to provide fleet operators wings a clean, emission-free source to power their fleets.

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