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UK’s HS1 train link has now achieved the first-ever renewable energy status for a railway.

The UK has a very extensive rail network for both long and short distance travel. And one of the country’s railways has now achieved the first-ever renewable energy status.

The HS1 train link connects London with Kent and the Channel Tunnel, and the operator has invested a lot of effort to obtain a Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate.

The Independent shared some exciting details in a recent report. 

“Working with its partners Eurostar and Southeastern High Speed, HS1 is aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of every passenger by 25 per cent and to cut energy per train journey by 10 per cent.”

That’s a significant cut in an already energy-efficient transport mode, and the coming months and years will hopefully show how other rail operators can take similar actions in their electricity supplies. 

There also seems to be a lot of demand from passengers to have the choice in a more renewable rail link.

And with net-zero carbon goals for 2050, this should be a significant milestone for the entire railway system. 

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