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UK Pub Chain to Roll Out 900 EV Charging Points Across UK To Achieve Sustainability Goals

The UK is set to ban the sale of new petrol, diesel, and hybrid cars by the year 2040 at the latest, so businesses are already starting to adapt to the growing demand for electric vehicles.

Pub chain Greene King is following suit by planning to roll out electric vehicle charging points at 900 of its 2,700 pubs, making it easier for customers to charge their vehicles while they enjoy a drink.

The first EV charging point has already been introduced, as mentioned in The Independent UK:

“The company has signed an agreement with firms Raw Charging and Drive Energi to install the charging points. The first one was made available to customers earlier this month at The Churchill, in Royal Wootton Bassett. Tony Hodgson, head of estates at Greene King, said: ‘We’ve been working hard developing our sustainability plans as we continue to build a greener business.’”

As a former UK resident myself, I’m glad to hear this news. I’m not sure how necessary it is, as most people walk to their local pub in my experience, but it’s a start.

While we can agree that places like supermarkets and offices need EV charging points more urgently, it’s good to see environmentalism slowly seeping into every aspect of our lives. Even booze.

Joe is passionate about environmentalism and the effect it has on our planet. He’s been a vegetarian for 10 years and is very strict about recycling in his apartment. As well as writing, he likes to spend time singing, playing the guitar, and defending pineapple on pizza.

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