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A couple of artists have made their very own sustainable floating homemade island in Canada.

Okay, I’ve written about a lot of inspiring green news stories before, but this one is just straight-up cool.

In a secluded cove in Vancouver Island, Canada, a couple of artists have made their very own floating homemade island that weighs approximately 500 tons (1 million lbs).

The structure, which was done entirely with manual tools, contains a main house, a dance floor, a lighthouse, a garden, and 4 greenhouses for growing fruit and vegetables.

When Catherine King and Wayne Adams need to eat, Wayne will often just get on his fishing boat and catch a local fish to eat for dinner that night.

If the weather is bad or he doesn’t feel like going out on the lake, then he just OPENS A HATCH in his living room and FISHES FROM THE SOFA.


Honestly, watching that I was absolutely jaw-dropped and dumbfounded. Looking at the YouTube comments on the video by Great Big Story, so was everyone else.

Joking that they only get “landsick” rather than seasick, this pair of artists have lived this sustainable lifestyle for over 24 years and are showing no signs of stopping now.

You have to watch this. Honestly, you won’t regret it.

Here’s the video from Great Big Story:

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