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Wrangler has a project that, if successful, might help create a large-scale sustainable cotton supply chain.

Wrangler Jeans is one of the leading brands when it comes to jeans, which puts the company in a position to show initiative when it comes to sustainable sourcing of materials.

One of the biggest problems the company is trying to tackle is cotton production that drains the soil of nutrients.

Overproduction and poor soil management have resulted in significant decreases in productivity. It’s a loss for the climate and the farmers who depend on their crops as well.

Triple Pundit collected some additional information about Wrangler’s project.

“These new commitments are also not the first step Wrangler says it has taken to build a more resilient, regenerative cotton supply. In 2017, Wrangler introduced the Wrangler Science and Conservation Program, a coalition of industry experts, farmers, and non-profit partners who sponsor research and education on soil health farming practices.”

It’s going to be a very strict program, and the screening process of farmers aims to find the best of the best farmers right now.

That shows Wrangler wants this project to succeed to then hopefully grow the idea for creating a large-scale sustainable cotton supply chain.

The goal is 100% sustainably grown cotton by 2025. It’s an aggressive target, but a welcome approach to eco-conscious change.

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