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Danfoss, Google, Microsoft, and Schneider Electric unite to launch the Net Zero Innovation Hub, spearheading a green shift in data center operations.

In a remarkable initiative, tech behemoths Danfoss, Google, Microsoft, and Schneider Electric have joined forces to unveil the "Net Zero Innovation Hub for Data Centers." This collaborative endeavor aims to fast-track the green transition within data center landscapes.

According to Environment+Energy Leader, these corporations, in sync with the Danish Data Center Industry, have been diligently preparing for this venture's roll-out. The Hub, stationed in Frederica, Denmark, aims to be a nexus for key European data center stakeholders like regulators, researchers, utility providers, and NGOs.

The burgeoning global internet usage has nudged the data center sector to seek emission reduction through enhanced energy efficiency, cooling systems, and grid upgrades.


"The roadmap to zero-carbon data centers requires solutions beyond the industry’s capabilities to solve independently. The open-sourced approach with stakeholders, both within and outside of the industry, will significantly accelerate the industry towards net zero," remarked Henrik Hansen, CEO of the Danish Data Center Industry.

This Hub is envisioned as a platform for researchers and industry leaders to exchange valuable insights, thereby accelerating the journey toward energy-efficient solutions. Initially, the hub will focus on curbing emissions from data centers and ensuring grid stability, aligning with efforts by other tech giants like Apple and Meta, who have already transitioned to renewable energy for their data centers.

The Hub has outlined a comprehensive approach to tackle all emission scopes. For instance, exploring diesel alternatives and other sustainable fuels to mitigate Scope 1 emissions, while leveraging carbon-free energy sources like wind and solar for Scope 2 emissions. Additionally, Scope 3 emissions will be tackled through academic and supplier partnerships, delving into decarbonizing raw materials used in data center construction.

This endeavor underlines the data center industry's commitment to addressing carbon emissions, aligning with the EU’s ambitious goal of halving data center emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

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