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Nordic countries have been experiencing a windy winter, which resulted in record production of wind energy across the region.

Wind power production in Nordic countries reached a record high of 21.3 gigawatts on Thursday, January 20th.

The area was hit by stormy weather, which made the wind turbines in four Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) reach a new high. 

According to Reuters, the area has been having a windy winter — the previous record high for wind production was noted only a week prior, and it was 20.8 gigawatts. 

According to the Norwegian meteorological institute, wind speeds in the southern mountains reached 40.8 meters per second this winter.

“In Sweden, the local distribution grid subsidiary of Germany's E.ON (EONGn.DE) had warned of strong winds in the area north of the capital Stockholm during the night, after a storm over the weekend uprooted trees and led to some power outages.”

These new wind records are largely due to the number of wind farms that have been built in the Nordics in previous years. 

Also, high wind lowers power prices. 

Thanks to the high wind production, the reference system has been lowered to less than 50 euros per MWh, and the hourly cost is below 10 euros MWh.

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