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More than 50 power companies in the U.S. have joined forces in a coalition and planning to create a coast-to-coast fast-charging EV network.

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular these days — we’re seeing new plans, policies, and innovations every other day. However, the scarcity of EV charging stations is still one of the major hurdles to overcome. 

Finally, we’re seeing a positive change in this segment too. Last week, the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) has officially announced the formation of the National Electric Highway Coalition. Over 50 power companies from the EEI, Midwest Energy Inc., and the Tennessee Valley Authority have already joined the coalition. 

The first and foremost goal of the coalition is to build a fast-charging coast-to-coast EV charging network. This charging infrastructure will be built along with the Interstate Highway System. Officials believe that this visionary coalition will motivate more U.S. citizens to make the switch to electric vehicles and eventually reduce the massive carbon footprint of the transportation industry. 

“EEI and our member companies are leading the clean energy transformation, and electric transportation is key to reducing carbon emissions across our economy. With the formation of the National Electric Highway Coalition, we are committed to investing in and providing the charging infrastructure necessary to facilitate electric vehicle growth and to help alleviate any remaining customer range anxiety.”

Tom Kuhn, President of the Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

If everything goes right, we could see the fast-charging network by the end of 2023. 

The EEI also estimates that the U.S. will need 100,000 more EV fast-charging stations to meet the demand of 22 million EVs that will be on running on our roads by 2030.

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