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Ikea Launches Buy-back Scheme For Used Furniture

The innovative Swedish flatpack furniture company has recently launched a new scheme where they plan to buy back used furniture if it’s in good condition to prevent it from ending up in a landfill.

The secondhand furniture will be spruced up and sold to customers at a discounted rate, helping to reduce waste and excessive consumption.

As detailed in GreenBiz:

“A range of products are expected to be included in the scheme, including chairs and stools without upholstery, chests of drawers, small tables, bookcases and shelf units, and display storage and cabinets, the company said. The items eventually will be stocked in dedicated second-hand sections of IKEA stores, with anything unable to be resold recycled.”

IKEA has been on the right side of history about many issues before other companies have, so I’m hopeful that the Swedish giant is genuinely trying to reduce their impact on the environment.

Let’s see more retail giants start to roll out similar initiatives.

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