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Hollywood actor Michael Keaton announced partnership with green construction startup Nexii that builds green alternatives for common construction materials.

Hollywood actor Michael Keaton has announced that he has partnered with green construction startup Nexii, who got drawn into the company’s goals of creating green alternatives for common construction materials. 

In particular, it’s Nexii’s sustainable concrete alternative that could bring about some huge changes. And Keaton is also betting on a significant investment in a new factory in Pittsburgh. 

Green Biz had a recent story where they also highlighted a partnership with Honeywell. 

“More recently, Nexii created a strategic alliance with building automation technologies company Honeywell. The deal sets up Honeywell as the exclusive tech supplier for new buildings constructed by Nexii. What’s particularly notable about this arrangement is that it’s intended to encourage the use of building management software in smaller structures.”

What the company does is design lightweight panels that assemble into pre-designed structures. Everything is designed in 3D software and then broken down into jigsaw pieces. 

What’s amazing is that the two brothers who founded the company with a simple idea have raised $52 million in venture backing. And this has also got the attention of many government officials where the company is hoping to build some great new partnerships. 

It’s a great sign that large investments are making it into green startups and not just Silicon Valley tech companies.

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