Europe Adopts Roadmap Towards Safer And More Sustainable Chemicals

The European Commission has approved the strategy that will empower a safer and more sustainable chemicals market.

The European Commission has approved the strategy that will empower a safer and more sustainable chemicals market, which would lead to a zero-tolerance policy towards hormone-mimicking compounds.

According to Environmental Health News, environmental activists greeted the effort as the most impactful chemical policy initiative in 20 years.

"Every day, our exposure to cocktails of harmful chemicals is translating in real-life health conditions and diseases for current and future generations," said Natacha Cingotti, senior policy officer for health and chemicals at the Brussels-based Health and Environment Alliance. "While we welcome this significant step forward, the reality leaves no room for self-complacency and it is urgent the Commission gets to work to implement the promises made to effectively protect people from harm and support safe innovation for non-toxic material cycles."

The new initiative called the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability is part of the wider European Green Deal, which proposes carbon neutrality for the EU by 2050, while promoting a sustainable economy. 

The strategy obliges companies to prove that chemicals are safe before they go to the market, as well as pay fines in case of pollution.

Described as some of the most ambitious policy recommendations in the world, the strategy is in stark contrast with the United States, where, unfortunately, endocrine-disrupting compounds, including flame retardants and pesticides are still largely unregulated in products and packaging.

How can we call on our policymakers to do the same?

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