Industrial Complex In India Has A Facade Made From Its Own Construction Waste

Located in the North Indian city of Kishangarh, the complex of Stonex India is all about sustainable construction.

Located in the North Indian city of Kishangarh, this innovative industrial complex for Stonex India definitely isn’t hiding behind its facade.

Designed by Delhi-based Urbanscape Architects, the complex is all about sustainable construction.

According to Inhabitat, the building has sunken courtyards with earth-cooled floors and a stone screen facade made from the complex’s own construction waste.

“As the main site for Stonex India, one of the country’s top marble manufacturers and suppliers, the architecture of Stonex Kishangarh had to implement stone into its design. Additionally, the company’s respect for its surroundings and for nature, as well as its central ethos — strength and perfection — had to be put on display as well. The result certainly implements all of these concepts, especially in its inspiring stone facade.”

In designing this remarkable carbon-saving feature, architects used the combination of leftover stones from a nearby rock quarry and actual stone debris that came from the building itself. 

The screen has two roles — to provide solar shading from the southeastern and western glares and to showcase a sustainable alternative to wasting stone scraps.

But the sustainability of the complex doesn’t stop there. The whole site is maximizing the potential for green covering and horticulture landscaping, while the building is designed and oriented to be climate responsive.

We’d definitely like to see more of such inspiring eco-friendly buildings across the globe. 

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