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Xylem, a water technology company, created a digital platform that helps wastewater facilities reduce energy use and have less greenhouse gas emissions.

Xylem, a water technology company, developed a digital platform that helps wastewater facilities manage aeration and chemical use.

According to the Environmental Leader, Xylem says their system monitors wastewater operations, saves energy, and reduces operating costs. They developed a digital platform that uses data to give up-to-date recommendations. Sludge plants can analyze and then optimize how many chemicals and aeration they use and then cut energy use by 25%.

“Aeration, which is a process that dissolves gases and reduces volatile organic compounds, is the most energy intensive part of wastewater treatment, according to ScienceDirect. It accounts for 50% to 60% of a wastewater plant’s energy use, and the publication says aeration control is significant to realizing energy reduction and efficiency in the process.”

Xylem claims that by improving the energy efficiency, water facilities can cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

Water utilities are about 2% of the total world’s greenhouse gas emissions, which includes carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide from wastewater produces more than a quarter of total gas emissions.

Smart systems for monitoring the technology can really make an impact and reduce these emissions.

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