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Cleaner Seas Group wins Green-Tech Ocean Impact award for its microfiber filter, aiming to drastically cut ocean plastic pollution.

In a significant achievement for environmental innovation, a start-up from Cornwall has been honored with a top environmental prize. Bude's Cleaner Seas Group (CSG) received the Green-Tech Ocean Impact award for its groundbreaking Indi home microfibre filter. This innovative device, designed to attach to domestic washing machines, is a game-changer in the fight against ocean pollution, capturing microplastics released during washing.

The impact of the Indi filter could be monumental if widely adopted. CSG estimates that if every UK household employed its filter, the reduction in ocean pollution would be equivalent to preventing 1.3 billion plastic bags from entering the seas. This staggering figure highlights the potential of such technology in addressing the pressing issue of plastic pollution.

The accolade comes with a substantial $50,000 AUD (£26,000) prize, which CSG secured at the international Ocean Impact Pitchfest 2023 Awards in Australia. This win brings recognition and financial support to further the company's mission.

Dave Miller, CEO of Cleaner Seas Group, spoke of the personal motivation driving the company's efforts. "We are surfers, kayakers, and wild swimmers, and we feel passionately about keeping the oceans free of microplastics," he said. This personal connection to the ocean fuels the team's commitment to their cause.

Miller also recognized the significance of the award for the company's growth. "Recognition by an international award of this gravitas can only support our business development further," he noted, acknowledging the boost such an honor brings to CSG's profile and mission.

The Cleaner Seas Group's victory is not just a win for the company but represents a beacon of hope in the larger battle against marine plastic pollution. With the increasing awareness and demand for sustainable solutions, CSG's Indi home microfiber filter stands as a prime example of how innovation and environmental consciousness can go hand in hand, offering practical solutions for a global issue. The company's success at the Ocean Impact Pitchfest 2023 Awards underscores the growing importance of green technology and startups' vital role in shaping a more sustainable future.

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