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Plastic beer rings on the six-packs are terrors marine life. Coors Light will replace the plastic rings with recyclable cardboard wrapping.

The plastic beer rings are now more well-known (!) for trapping helpless marine lives than packaging our beloved six-packs. These plastic rings first became a thing back in the 60s. Soon, it became the standard for packaging metal cans for beverages, especially the six-packs.

However, these plastic rings soon started terrorizing marine lives. A clean-up campaign in 1987 along the Texas coastline collected 15,600 plastic rings just in three hours. 

Coors Light, one of the leading global beer brands is finally addressing the issue. They announced that they’ll replace the plastic rings will recyclable and biodegradable cardboard wrappings. This is part of their $85 million investment for sustainability. Plus, they aim to shift all of their beer brands to this sustainable packaging by 2025. 

The effect will not only apply to the US market but Coors’ operations in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Caribbean islands. 

Molson Coors, the mother brand estimates that the transitions will lower global plastic pollution by 1.7 million pounds!

“Our business, and Coors in particular, has a long history of using packaging innovation to protect our environment, and today we are building on that rich legacy. Just as Coors led the way by pioneering the recyclable aluminum can, Coors Light will lead the way by moving out of single-use plastic rings in North America.”

Gavin Hattersley, CEO, Molson Coors

We have seen Coors making positive environmental changes in recent years. For example, five of their eight breweries in the US have landfill-free status. Then, their brewery in the state of California is the largest solar-power brewery in the country. 

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