Considering A Sustainable Business? Try Turning Plastic Trash Into Skateboards

British designer Jason Knight, co-founder of the design and art collective Mandin, has developed a method of making skateboards out of recycled plastic.

British designer Jason Knight has developed a method of making skateboards out of recycled plastic.

Knight is a co-founder of the design and art collective Mandin. He’s decided to make his technology open-source, allowing anyone to download the information they need and make a skateboard deck out of 100% recycled plastic.

He also aims to make the project a workshop where he and his team would visit low-income communities and give people who wouldn't normally be able to afford a skateboard the know-how to build one from plastic waste.

Reuters reports that the process uses a simple extruder that liquifies the plastic shreddings. Such liquified plastic is then squeezed into the board-shaped mold.

Jason has experimented with different plastic mixtures, discovering that recycled plastic skateboards are more springy than normal composite boards. This flexibility allows you to jump higher and get more speed while performing in a bowl.

However, teaching people how to make their own board is not the only Jason’s goal. He also hopes that his idea will motivate young people to collect waste plastic and create skateboards, instead of buying new ones.

Watch the video from Reuters below.

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