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Coca-Cola Tests Paper Bottle Prototype With Online Retailer in Hungary

The Coca-Cola Company’s first paper bottle prototype is ready for summer trials through an online retailer in Hungary.

A limited run of 2,000 bottles of the plant-based beverage AdeZ will be launched via e-grocery retailer Kifli.hu.

According to The Coca-Cola Company, the paper bottle project is being developed by the company’s R&D Team in Brussels and the Paper Bottle Company (Paboco), in cooperation with Carlsberg and L’Oreal.

Currently, the project is entering the consumer testing stage that will measure the package’s performance and shopper’s response.

The technology developed by Paboco is designed to create 100% recyclable bottles made of sustainably sourced wood with a bio-based material barrier capable of resisting liquids, CO2 and oxygen, and suitable for beverages, beauty products and other liquid goods. The ultimate goal is a bottle that can be recycled as paper.

The paper bottle project is in line with The Coca-Cola Company’s World Without Waste sustainable packaging goal to collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one it sells by 2030.

The goal also includes reducing the use of virgin packaging materials and using only 100% recyclable packaging material.

What favorite beverage of yours would you like to see in paper bottles?

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