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Skyscraper Will Use Aquaponic Gardens To Purify Shenzhen Air

Located within Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base, the proposed Tower C design features a futuristic, energy-saving design with terraced levels, dramatic curves, and extensive glazing.

The project is pursuing high-performance energy standards, with elements that include water collection and recycling, but also aquaponic gardens that purify the air.

According to Inhabitat, the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base will accommodate 300,000 employees and include residential quarters, a transportation center, and venues for conferences and exhibitions.

The landscaping plan will draw heavily from native grasslands and coastal wetlands.

Tower C, which will be located at the intersection of the Shenzhen’s planned north-south green axis and the east-west urban corridor, will serve as a “multidimensional vertical city” housing a mix of programming including offices, retail, dining, entertainment amenities, a hotel, convention center and a variety of cultural facilities. The building will be located above a subterranean public transport interchange served by the expanding Shenzhen Metro network.

The architects created Tower C as an extension of the landscape with a terraced podium that supports two 400-meter towers.

Apart from double-insulated glazing with solar shades, the building will include high-efficiency equipment and an automated indoor environmental system.

For improved health and wellness of the employees and inhabitants, low-VOC materials will be used throughout the interiors, while outdoor aquaponic gardens on every terraced level will act as a natural filter against air contaminants. 

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