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In a historic shift, China’s solar and wind energy capacity is set to surpass coal by 2024, marking a green revolution.

China leads in renewable energy and coal production. Yet, its solar and wind capacity will beat coal for the first time in 2024. This forecast comes from the China Electricity Council (CEC) in its annual report, as noted by

The CEC report predicts that by year's end, solar and wind will provide about 40% of installed capacity. Coal will account for 37%.

Carbon Brief's recent analysis highlights, “Clean energy contributed a record 11.4tn yuan ($1.6tn) to China’s economy in 2023.” It drove investment growth and led economic expansion.

Last year, solar and wind represented roughly 36% of China's energy capacity. Coal was just below 40%, Reuters reported.

Carbon Brief stated, “If coal interests can't stall wind and solar expansion, low-carbon energy could meet rising electricity demand after 2024.” This would reduce fossil fuel use and emissions. By year-end, China is expected to achieve about 1,300 gigawatts (GW) of solar and wind capacity. This exceeds its 2030 target of 1,200 GW, according to The Business Times.

Carbon Brief noted, “Low-carbon energy expansion now exceeds China’s annual electricity demand growth.” This trend is supported by a surge in manufacturing capacity for green energy.

The CEC reported that renewable electricity sources, including hydropower and nuclear, made up over half of China's total capacity last year.

Electricity consumption in China is set to rise by six percent in 2024. This is a slight decrease from 6.7% last year.

China's electric vehicle (EV) production grew 36% year-on-year to 9.6m units in 2023. EVs now represent 32% of all vehicles produced in China, as per Carbon Brief.

Carbon Brief added, “China's new industries boost its stake in the clean-energy transition. But they also pose questions for global climate strategy and domestic growth.”

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