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Harvey Goldsmith announces Earth Aid Live, a global concert series in 2025 to spur climate action, featuring virtual and live events.

Harvey Goldsmith, known for the London Live Aid, unveils Earth Aid Live. This project aims to combat the climate crisis.

The event will span six countries on five continents in August 2025. Cities include London, Los Angeles, and Rio de Janeiro. The lineup is pending. Goldsmith plans similar events for 2030 and 2035, featuring both metaverse and real-life concerts.

Goldsmith expressed enthusiasm, emphasizing unity, sustainability, and positive planetary impact. He aims to build on Live Aid's success, uniting people globally.

Earth Aid Live will go beyond traditional fundraising. Instead of just raising funds like Live Aid did for famine, it seeks wider climate action. This includes individual efforts, community engagement, corporate involvement, and intergovernmental cooperation. The goal is for the events to be "net zero carbon" with transparent carbon reporting.

Goldsmith, after joining forces with Bob Geldof, raised £140m with Live Aid in 1985. He has since worked on numerous charity concerts and tours with artists like Bruce Springsteen and Luciano Pavarotti.

Earth Aid Live continues the entertainment industry's focus on climate crisis awareness. In 2007, Goldsmith advised Live Earth, initiated by Al Gore and Kevin Wall. It featured stars like Madonna and Kanye West.

The Global Citizen festival, mainly targeting poverty, recently included climate action. Its 2023 Paris event featured Lenny Kravitz and Billie Eilish, a known climate advocate. Music industry groups like Reverb and EarthPercent, co-founded by Brian Eno, are also active in climate efforts.

Artists like Coldplay have been recognized for eco-friendly touring practices. However, stars using private jets, like Drake and Taylor Swift, face criticism. Swift, in particular, is scrutinized for her jet's emissions, which a student tracks. She threatened legal action, citing safety concerns.

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