Carmaker Jaguar Accelerates EV Mission

The UK’s car maker Jaguar has made a drastic decision by announcing that the entire Jaguar fleet will switch to all-electric by 2025. It also aims to bring the Land Rover brand in line, with 60% of those vehicles switching to electricity by 2030.

It’s all part of the company’s strategy to become carbon neutral and set new standards for the car industry.

As ABC News has reported, this is a significant step for the company’s progress towards a zero-carbon goal.

“Moreover, the company said its goal across both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands is to achieve net zero carbon emissions in its supply chains, products and operations by 2039.”

This may have taken some other manufacturers by surprise but is likely driven by the major successes of Tesla and Toyota, whose EVs and hybrids have become a favorite around the world.

With prices of batteries expected to drop in the coming years drastically, it will be interesting to see how running costs will factor more and more into buying decisions. 

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